Skarn is implemented as a rich windows client application. It has all the features required to successfully administer the day to day task of running a set of classes. Details of each of these features can be found below.

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  • Pupil Data Entry
    This module is used to capture the information of a pupil and their contact details. It also provides quick links to the current class they are enrolled on, previous class attendance and awards.

  • Administration
    Provides a way to add, update and expire sessions, groups, teachers and awards associated with classes.

  • Class Maintenance
    Used to create and amend classes, enroll pupils and easily assign awards to a whole class.

  • Pupil Management
    Lists all pupils currently registered in the system, provides functionality to filter and sort, drag and drop to enroll in classes, letter production and to mark status.

  • Waiting List
    Managing the set of pupils waiting to attend a class that has no current availability.

  • Payments
    Capture payments made by pupils against a class.

  • Outstanding Fees
    Lists all fees that have yet to be paid. Can be easily used to chase overdue fees in conjunction with Letter Production.

  • Schedule Generation
    The schedule is defined as the set of classes which run for a specific duration.
    At the end of the schedule this function minimises the effort required to create the next set of classes.

  • Registration Forms
    Used to display class registration listings that can be printed off and used for example to check attendance each week. The registation is held in the system as a template which can be changed by the end user without development input.

  • Letter Production
    Allows the production of user defined letters via standard mail merge functionality of Microsoft Word. End users are free to create their own templates and these are dynamically recognised by the front end.


Pupil Entry

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Administration Screenshot Thumbnail

Class Maintenance

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Pupils Management

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Waiting List

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Payment Screenshot Thumbnail

Outstanding Fees

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Schedule Generation

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Registration Forms

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Letter Production

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Technical Specification

Skarn was developed and runs on the following Microsoft products.

  • Visual Studio 2008 C# and Linq
  • SQL Server 2005 Express or Standard Edition
  • Office Word 2003 or 2007