Slate is a web based solution used to manage the job pipeline of design agencies.

With Slate customers can record quotations then convert them to live jobs on successful bid. Once live, these jobs can have purchase orders for service and supplies allocated against them and can be invoiced. This allows a quick financial overview to be provided showing state of a job.

These capabilities result in reduced administration effort for the management of the job pipeline.

Unlike other products that are expensive, fall short of your requirements or are inflexible ours costs less and is easily extensible to meet your exact requirements.



The follwing screenshots are taken from a Slate installation with the Rococo theme applied.

Job Maintenance

Job Maintenance Screenshot Thumbnail

Client Maintenance

Client Maintenance Screenshot Thumbnail

Invoice Creation

Invoice Maintenance Screenshot Thumbnail

Purchase Order Creation

Purchase Order Maintenance Screenshot Thumbnail


Security Screenshot Thumbnail

Ajax Support

Ajax Screenshot Thumbnail

Print Templates

Print Templates Screenshot Thumbnail